Waiting For Change

Book Review

I was recently contacted by Christina McCale, Author of Waiting for Change: Impacts on life, family, work, and the new 99% reality, for an opportunity to read and write a review of her book.

What a fascinating and wonderful book!

In Waiting For Change, Christina shares the story and impact of unemployment in our current recession, while also reflecting back to our own U.S. history with The Great Depression of the 1930's.

Honestly, my favorite part of her book is not in the historical facts or the well researched statistics, although I know many would find those added elements to be quite interesting.

No.  What I loved most, was reading her very personal story.  I could just feel (or perhaps relate with) the raw emotion as her story unfolded.

For many of us whose lives have been severely altered by the recession and unemployment, knowing we aren't alone in our devastation somehow helps us cope through it.  Even though the unemployment numbers scream out that millions are unemployed, with our daily challenge to put food on the table and keep a roof over our head, we often feel like the nightmare is only happening to us.

Waiting For Change is a bold reminder that it's not just us.

A single mom with an impressive resume, Christina shares of her personal struggles with job separation, and having to move out of the 2,000 square foot home she had just moved into 18 months earlier, to a tiny little cottage - no thanks to her financial crisis.

But that's not all.

Have you ever gone to a food bank so you could feed your children?

Christina has.  She shares that emotional and humiliating experience as well.  I must admit I was truly fascinated by her story.

I loved Christina's words:

But in the darkest hours of the night, when sleep just can't come, I worry:  is this really my new reality?  Is fate this cruel to just randomly pick me and say that I deserve to be hit hard for a while?   But then, I guess why not me?   Does anyone really deserve the cruelty of this economy? 

Her personal story aside, this book really puts a face to the many Americans out of work.  It truly is the 99% reality as the title states.

If you haven't been impacted negatively by the state of our nation's economy, this book will make you stop and think,"what if this happened to me?"   And perhaps it will help you have a better understanding for the overwhelming emotion 23 million Americans are facing in their day to day reality.

To learn more about the author and the book Waiting For Change, visit her website  http://www.waitingforchange.us/