UnEMPLOYED Faith Author Interview And Giveaway

Published on January 26, 2012 by Rosann

What an honor it has been to have Becky from Rise Above Your Limits feature an Author Interview of me on her website, and host a giveaway of my book UnEMPLOYED Faith!

Yes friends, you read that right.  This is your chance to WIN a copy of my book UnEMPLOYED Faith and find out the 10 different ways I coped with my husband's three year season of unemployment.  Trust me, those coping tips will work for you too!

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Want to know more about me and what motivated me to write this book?

Or perhaps you just want to skip all that nonsense and get your FREE copy?  Well, click over to Becky's site and enter the giveaway.

Rise Above Your Limits - Author Interview Of Rosann Cunningham & UnEMPLOYED Faith Giveaway

What are you waiting for?  The giveaway ends February 16th, 2012.

Oh yes!  I almost forgot!  If you win, please stop back here and tell me what you thought of the book.

~God Bless!

Rosannsig UnEMPLOYED Faith Author Interview And Giveaway


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