Unemployment: Her Point of View

Unemployment: Her Point of View

Recently, I shared the man's point of view when it comes to being unemployed. In this post, I want to share how the wife of an unemployed man feels when she's trying so hard to keep it all together.

Unemployment isn't just something that impacts the man of the house. It definitely takes a toll on the family, particularly the woman of the home.

Guys, if you're out of work and have stumbled across this post, my hope is that you'll have a better understanding for why your wife is behaving the way she does. It might be a good time to have a heart to heart with her and offer some reassurance because fear and uncertainty are the two greatest factors that fuel how she's feeling.

Unemployment: Her Point of View

  • She feels afraid. Afraid of not having enough money for groceries to feed the kids. Afraid of not having enough money to pay the mortgage. Afraid of not having enough money to keep the lights on.
  • She feels deeply concerned for ...
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Explaining Your Unemployment Situation to Your Children

Explaining Your Unemployment Situation to Your Children

Maybe a job layoff just happened in your home, or maybe it's been a long road of frustration and heartache. Either way, at some point there should be discussion with your children about what's going on.

When my husband first found himself standing in the unemployment line, our girls were only about 1 and 4 years old. Given their age, we didn't really feel they'd get it, and we honestly didn't expect unemployment to go on and on and on for a total of three years. So we didn't talk to them about our situation.

Life went on day in and day out as normal. What they saw was daddy home every day. When my oldest asked what daddy's work was, we told her he was self-employed. It wasn't a lie. He had been working toward getting a home business up and running while also looking for work elsewhere. (We shared with her what had happened once he was back to work, because that caused confusion as well.)

We did have to explain the situation to my stepdaughter though. The ...

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What I’ve Learned From My Husband’s Unemployment

Unemployment has impacted the lives of so many beautiful friends that I'm privileged to know or have met along the journey.  Today, I want to share with you the heart of my dear friend, Barbie of My Freshly Brewed Life.   She is simply amazing.   After reading about what she's learned from her husband's unemployment, be sure to click over and check out her fantastic blog.



Today I am honored to be sharing here at Unemployed Faith. Thank you, Rosann, for the opportunity to share my heart with your readers.

I am the wife of a man who has been unemployed more often than not over the last 4 years. I wish I could say it hasn't changed me. But it has. I wish I could say that I've always kept the faith. But there were times when I had lost my hope. I wish I could say that I am more prepared for "the next time" should it happen again. But I am still learning to walk this long, and often ...

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Coping With Unemployment: A Mother’s Perspective

Coping With Unemployment:  A Mother’s Perspective

Welcome to week 5 of 6 in the Ask Dr. McCale series.  Dr. Christina McCale is the Author of the book Waiting for Change: Impacts on life, family, work, and the new 99% reality.   A single mom facing an unemployment crisis of her own in these tough economic times, she knows the reality of joblessness all too well.

If you're just joining us, here's what we've discussed so far:

Think It Won't Happen To You?

The Inspiration Behind Waiting For Change

Getting Over The Embarrassment:  Food Stamps and a Trip to the Food Bank

Making Big Decisions After a Layoff

If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe via RSS or Email ...

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Don’t Let Money Worries Keep You From Being The Best Mom Possible

Don’t Let Money Worries Keep You From Being The Best Mom Possible

My daughter has just placed "a magic crown" on my head that she says will turn me into a princess.  Yes, as I type this note of encouragement to you, I'm wearing Cinderella's crown…and exercise clothes.  It's precious moments like these that remind me of the blessing of being a mom.

Even while my husband was jobless, I was blessed to be a stay at home mom, a role I have always taken very seriously.

Sadly, the stress of not having a lot of money to come and go on, trying to keep my husband from falling into a deeper depression, and worrying about whether or not he would ever work again, consumed my mind and led to some not so proud parenting moments.

I lacked patience and would easily snap at the girls or break into a ball of tears which was something my then 2 year old and 5 year old didn't need to be confused by.  I struggled to smile or laugh with my daughters, too.  Most days, I simply went through the ...

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