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"Unemployed Faith has been an inspiration in my life.  It is honest, compassionate, and gives practical tips for how to cope with the difficult emotions of long-term unemployment.  Each time I opened the book, I was encouraged to know that I wasn’t alone. 

Rosann openly discusses the challenges she has faced, as well as how she has relied on her faith in God for strength and guidance.  I read Unemployed Faith at a very low point in my life.  I was struggling to cope with my husband’s unemployment.  After looking on-line, I realized that there were very few websites or resources to help women in my situation. 

I needed support, encouragement, and practical help to deal with my emotions. Unemployed Faith was published at just the right time – it was an answer to prayer!"



"A few years ago, my husband was out of work more than he was employed, for the better part of two years. Where in the world was this book when I needed it?

Rosann has done an absolutely splendid job in writing a practical and honest account about what to do when you are going through a season of your husband's unemployment. Right at the start she makes it clear that it is not a "step by step guide to getting your man a job." Rather, her words speak deeply to our hearts when our hearts are breaking.

This book is written from a Christian perspective, but I believe that "UnEmployed Faith" will speak to any woman, regardless of where she comes from. If your husband is out of work, this book is for you.

My very favorite things are the "Challenges" at the end of each chapter. Talk about practical! You know how we often read a book and think to ourselves that it sounds wonderful, but how in the world do we walk it out on the pavement of reality? Rosann takes all of the guesswork out. She gives us down to earth, practical, rubber meets the road steps, for coping day in and day out.

Addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being the wife of an unemployed man, this "Christian Super Mom", as she has come to be known, has done an amazing job compiling her own personal struggles, defeats and victories on the printed page.

I recommend this book and give it 5 stars! Get it! You'll never regret it!"

~Donna of Tuesdays With Jesus

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