Open Your Mind to New Possibilities

It's disheartening when old dreams die and we're left holding the broken pieces with no certainty for what the future may hold.  Still, we should approach new dreams and ideas with an open mind and willing heart.

I've always been a big dreamer.

My entire childhood I longed to escape the tiny town where we lived.  It felt suffocating and the people seemed small minded.  I had big dreams for myself.  One day I would finally graduate and move to Nevada where I'd attend UNLV for a degree in hotel/restaurant management.  Then I'd build the biggest hotel and casino the strip had ever seen.  At no time did I ever stop and ask God, "is this your plan for me?"

Not God's Plan?

Hmmm... Perhaps not.

Instead, I got married and joined the military straight out of high school.  That marriage soon ended in divorce and I found myself underwriting sub-prime auto loans for a living.  Which led me to meet and fall in love with my wonderful husband, which led to the blessing of our children.

Meanwhile, life threw many painful curve balls at me.  Everything from serious health problems, to job layoffs, to legal scares, to complete financial devastation.   As a result, my faith and relationship with the Lord grew by leaps and bounds.  And I've since emerged a new, yet still changing-for-the-better woman with a completely different perspective on life.

And while I'm a little embarrassed by some of my previous bad choices, I have no regrets!  I wouldn't change a thing.  Every decision, good or bad, ultimately resulted in something better for my life.

Funny thing is, I'm now living in a small town again and it doesn't feel small minded or suffocating at all! And every day I thank the Lord for course correcting my plans, keeping me from pursuing the path of my old dreams.

God knew your story and mine before we ever took our first breath in this world.  He knew we would each experience our own struggles, joys, lessons, and growth, all approved by His loving hands for one reason or another.

The present road your life is on is God-approved and necessary.  It may get bumpy.  You might get hurt.  Perhaps even fall flat on your face.  But He is the One who will calm the storm, who will heal your hurts, who will comfort your fears, and who will give you strength when you feel completely weary.

Be willing to open your mind to new possibilities!

No matter what choices you're facing right now, trust God will guide you according to His plan.  Whether it's a job offer, an out of state move, a change in career, or any other difficult decision be open minded to the wonderful possibilities.  Be willing to accept that God may have something really awesome in store for you, if only you'll take a leap of faith.

Here are a few great ways to open your mind to the new path God has placed before you:


Visualize It

Life is often similar to running in a race.  During the race, our body isn't telling us we're too tired to keep running.  It's our mind that's screaming for us to quit.  And it's powerful. To persevere and finish strong, we need to discipline our mind by choosing to override the negative with positive thinking.  You can do this by visualizing yourself living out the new direction positively.  Close your eyes, take some deep relaxing breaths and imagine how you will be blessed along this particular journey.

Look at History

Take a trip down memory lane stopping at each major crossroad of your life thus far.  Challenge yourself to write down 3 wonderful things that resulted from the path you took.  Avoid writing down the bad stuff.  This is an exercise in opening our mind by looking at the big-picture positive results of our decisions.  Did God correct your course at any time?  If so, what was the result?

Pray Over It

There's truly no better way to make peace with a decision than to pray over it.  Before my husband and I uprooted our big city life and moved across country, we spent hours praying over it.  We knew the Spirit was prompting the move, but we needed confirmation from God that it was truly His plan.  We also wanted our hearts to align with His will.  The cool thing is, God "showed up" where and when we needed Him to throughout our move.  Seek His wisdom in prayer.  He'll show up for you too!


The bottom line?  Even when old dreams die, we don't need to fear the future.  We simply need to take a deep breath, open our mind to the wonderful possibilities and leap forward in faith.  God will always be there to catch us.