What God Taught Us Through Job Loss

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Please welcome guest contributor, KM Logan of KMLogan.com, as she shares what God taught her and her husband through job loss.

What God Taught Us Through Job Loss | UnEmployedFaith.com

There are a few moments in life that I would classify as “freak out” moments. Finding out my husband had lost his job was definitely one of them.

It was just a few months after we had gotten married, we were both settling into our new jobs, and we were both settling into our roles as husband and wife. That’s when I got the phone call.

I was happily answering phones and helping customers at the music store where I worked. Then I saw my husband’s cell phone number on the stores caller ID. Odd, he should be at work, I thought.

“Honey I have some bad news.” Now I realize my husband wanted to tell me this “bad news” right away, but had he realized how badly it was about to make me FREAK out he probably would have waited until my shift was over. We’ll just chalk it up to being new at the whole “wife” thing.

In the next thirty seconds he proceeded to tell me that there had been a fire where he worked. No one was hurt but they wouldn’t be re-opening right away.

It’s easy to say “God will take care of my needs” when you and your spouse are both gainfully employed, but it’s a whole different ball of wax when your income gets slashed in half.

Thus began the job hunt. Applications, suits, ties, interviews. We kept praying that my husband would get that “perfect” job. It was months. All the while I was working full time one place and part time at two others. Even though our needs were being provided for (I had even gotten a sizeable promotion) it was still hard for a man though to watch his wife work three jobs when he can’t even find one.

My husband’s job represented security, it represented income, and it represented safety. So when it vanished we freaked out for a little while even though on paper we were fine financially. We had put our trust in a job instead of the Lord.

We learned two things (dare I say I’m grateful) when my husband was unemployed. 1) We learned first hand that God provides our needs not a paycheck. And 2) We learned that we didn’t need as much money to live on as we had initially thought. Had it not been for my husband’s job loss I may not have had the faith to stay at home with our children later.

God will provide for your needs. Maybe it means temporary public assistance or charity from the church but God will provide for your needs. You don’t need to freak out. He knew your family’s unemployment was going to happen before you did. He has it all under control.

Now It’s Your Turn. What lessons has God taught you about trust?


548325_10152150531600171_1107466953_n_zpsc2931f01KM Logan is the author of Amazon’s best-selling The ABC’s of Freezer Cooking and writes devotions for women at KMLogan.com. You would bless her socks off if you stopped by to say hi.

  1. After 18 years of marriage and six kids, we’re facing unemployment for the first time since we started dating and I just feel so lost. I’m having feeling and fears I’ve never felt before. It’s only because of God that i know somehow, this will work in His Glory.

    • Amen, Sharon! God will absolutely work things out for the good of your family. Remain steadfast in your faith and just keep handing your fears and emotions over to God. He can take it and He’ll give you peace. Praying for you, my friend.

    • Waiting is the hardest, but you’re right God will word everything out for good and His glory. Praying for your family.

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  3. I’ve been unemployed for.three years now and in all that time kept praying and fasting fervently for a job – I’ve even received prophecies about my breakthrough and what mighty plans God has for my life. I received them all and continue to confess them and pray for their manifestation in my life and I have faith that every word spoken over my life and every scriptural pomise of God will come to pass. But I’ve been living on welfare for 3 years and my young daughter was born into this situation and has grown up on state support and just the thought of it eats me up inside. I don’t understand why it has taken this long, and sometimes I wonder if it is because I’m doing something wrong. But then again I remember that I live because of His grace and that I cannot make myself righteous or holy enough to merit a job from God – that’s impossible because it is not our works that qualify us for God’s favour, but simply His grace. So as I continue to pray and wait for my job, sometimes I wonder what it is that God wants me to do.