Facing Our Relatives During Unemployment

Published on February 1, 2012 by Rosann

dreamstimefree 1364921 800x532 300x199 Facing Our Relatives During UnemploymentWhen my husband and I were going through our long journey of unemployment, one of the most difficult things we had to deal with was facing our relatives.

His parents boldly spoke their mind about the situation, often without thinking of how painful their words touched our already bruised egos.

My parents chose silence on the issue, which was equally painful in a passive aggressive sort of nature.   It was the "let's not talk about the giant elephant in the room because we strongly oppose the decisions you've made to deal with it," silence.

Honestly though, I don't know what we would have done without the support we were blessed with (both emotionally and financially) from our family.  Even though many days I wanted to avoid them at all costs, God continued to push me into their presence either in person or by phone.  Despite our personal embarrassment, they did comfort us.  Even though we felt like they were judging us, they did still care for us.

Can You Relate?

When we're facing a difficult circumstance in our life, God desires for us to seek fellowship with family and friends.  They are His gift to us.  Likewise, we are His gift to them.  Not just in our relationship, but also in our testimony.

Think about it.  Do you have family members who are non-believers or who have been through so much that they doubt God's presence in their life?  Many people know someone in their close circle of support who lacks belief.

As passionate Christian's, we often don't think twice about praying over our situation, listening for God's answer, and responding obediently (okay sometimes we're stubborn in our obedience) to what God is asking us to do.  God often gives us guidance on specific actions He wants us to take.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;  I will guide you with My eye.

~Psalm 32:8

In my own situation, at the prompting of God, we moved our family across country.  I started a blog, Christian SuperMom, writing about living a Christian lifestyle.  Then I signed up to run a half marathon all for His glory.  It's also what pushed me to write the book UnEMPLOYED Faith.   The Lord does give us specific actions to take.

However, more often than not, God responds to our prayers with  words so many of us struggle with.

"Wait, my child.  Just wait."

So we cry.  We stomp our feet.  We ask God, "Why?" or tell Him how we don't have the strength to endure this trial.  And then almost unexplainable, we feel peace.   So we trust and we wait.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

~Hebrews 10:23

This is the reaction our family members become disgruntled over.   "Just wait," seems irresponsible to them.  It's lacking action to fix the problem.  Perhaps they don't get it because they don't have the passionate relationship with God that would help them better relate to your faith-based choices.

Friend, God doesn't waste a single opportunity to be glorified.  He wants you to share your story, your testimony, with others.  And the only way that can happen, is if you pull yourself out of hiding and sit in the presence of those who are in your circle of support.  Your parents.  Your siblings.  Your extended family members.

Will it be easy?   No.  Will it be comfortable?  No.  Are you setting yourself up for persecution?  Probably.  Will it be worth it?  Absolutely!

When God's timing comes and your husband lands his dream job or your circumstance is otherwise resolved, guess who's going to be watching from the sidelines?

The people you let into your life and shared your story with!

The people who need to experience with their own eyes God's amazing hand at work, will witness it.  His miracles.  His glory.  His answered prayers.

Be delighted in His faithfulness!  God is always good.

How do you handle the awkwardness of unemployment when you're around your family?

~In Christ,

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  1. Suzanne Blair

    Wow I could totally relate to the family situation. Although my parents did not really mean to, and did help us a lot both emotionally and financially. There were still times where I was made to feel like I was 13 again being scolded. Even as hard as we were trying it still would sometimes just make me feel foolish or like a loser to be at my age trying to make ends meet.

    With that said we also had many friends and church members who were supportive. Now many of them were always kind. It was just my own feelings of shame, and embaressment that made me feel awkward at times.

    I would pray about the situation, and than finally one day decided that there is no shame in getting help when you need it. I know I would help someone if I can, and do not look down on that person, but yet feel some sort of self satisfaction or happiness by helping. I also tried to remember that God has his plan for me, and I just need to take it one day at a time.

    • Rosann

      Thanks for your great comment Suzanne. We struggled through the exact same thing. It was like there was always a giant elephant in the room that everyone would try to ignore, but really struggled with. Everyone thought they had the answer, yet it never resulted in a job or income. God placed us in a season of waiting for a reason. That much I'm convinced of. Only God knows why we went through our trial and the big picture as to why everything unfolded the way it did and continues to. Humility is so difficult to deal with, but I really believe it's necessary to get our eyes focused on God and HIS plan for us, rather than our own. I had the same feelings of shame around our friends and church family too.

  2. Deniese

    I really enjoyed your stoical article. I was in an accident that left me without income for two years. My husband is self employed in the construction business. And the bottom fell out at about the same time. I think finding sometimes God lets things come into our lives not only to test us. But so the world can see how deep our faith really is. How we handle thing in the bad times shows the world just who we have our trust in. And I thank God for all the blessings learned.

  3. @bennettdoneit

    Great article! I was unemployed as soon as I was five months pregnant. It was so challenging to be in the unemployment line with people staring at your belly and thinking $$$insurance$$$ "she would be too costly" I knew that God would have to intervene.

    I had a woman at a temp agency who believed in me and set me up at a local company. Know what I did all day? I shredded old documents. Yep. One by one. Just shredded! But I had work. I used to laugh that my baby was going to need a shredding sound once out of the womb or else he would hate it!

    Wishing any of you while in the waiting stages a peace that passeth all understanding!

    • Rosann

      Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed this article. So glad God did indeed intervene in your unemployment circumstances. I'm curious though...did your son end up needing the shredding sound? Or are you still awaiting his birth? Congratulations either way! That's one of the things I love about the way God works in our lives. Even when times are tough, He blesses us in the most abundant ways.

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