Being My Husband’s Help Meet

Published on February 5, 2012 by Rosann

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The Lord said, "It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him."

~Genesis 2:18

My husband starts his new job tomorrow.  Excitement and nervousness all mixed up into one giant mug of emotion brews quietly within him.  We are thrilled about this blessing from God.   It's a long awaited answer to prayer.

However, with it comes change.   And change can sometimes be uncomfortable to maneuver through.

What Does This Change Mean For My Husband?

For my husband, this change means he will be forced back into a normal sleep/wake schedule.  No more staying up all night worrying or dozing in front of the TV.  He's actually going to have to go to bed at night and get up early each morning.

He's also going to have the adjustment of getting his mind back into work mode, as well as being out among other adults all day, every day.   You'd think this would be easy to adjust to, but he's stared at my face (and at our beautiful daughters' faces) every day for three years.  With us, he doesn't have to put on the face of professionalism.

At his job, not only does he have to dress in a suit and tie every day, but he'll have to show confidence that, quite frankly, he suffered to maintain the past three years.  Being unable to find anyone willing to even interview him, despite his high level of education and vast work experience, took a huge toll on him mentally and emotionally.  He's certainly relieved to finally have employment, but it's going to take time for his self-esteem to be fully repaired.

I fully expect him to be very tired when he arrives home from work each night.   At least until he gets back into the groove of having a full time job outside of the home.

How Will I Have To Adjust To My Husband's New Job?

For me, this change means being the only adult in the house during work hours.  I suspect I'll be craving adult conversation.  I'll no doubt miss his hugs throughout the day and lunch time will be a little bit on the lonely side.

But it's also the little things I'll have to get used to.  No longer will I be able to rush to my husband's side to tell him about the latest issue I'm having with my computer knowing he'll drop what he's doing to fix it for me.   Nor will I be able to ask him to run to the store for me really quick for that missing ingredient.   We'll also be eating dinner later than what we're used to which will alter lunch and snack times for the kids.

My writing schedule and online presence will certainly change as well.  Some days will be more productive than others.  I'll have to prepare myself mentally to be flexible to the inevitable interruptions.

My 3 year old will have her morning and afternoon sleep schedule interrupted for my 6 year old's school bus pickup's and drop offs.  I should plan for some crankiness as she adjusts to different sleep times.

When the kids are sick, I won't have help caring for them.  When they wake up at night, I'll have to be the parent who goes to their rescue, so my husband won't be up all night when he has to work the next morning.

The teamwork parenting we shared the past three years while making the best of our difficult situation, will fall back into the routine of his roles versus my roles.

Planning And Praying

Now, please don't misunderstand.   I'm not complaining here.   I'm simply thinking through the very real adjustments that are going to take place for our family.  And these are, of course, good and necessary changes.

While reading through scripture this morning, Genesis 2:18 comforted my heart and reminded me that God created marriage so we could become one with our spouse.  When Mark and I got married ten years ago, we united our love and our hearts.  In doing so, I wholeheartedly committed myself not only to the roles of Lover, Best Friend, and Wife,  but also took on the role of being my husband's Help Meet.

I take those roles seriously and I want a marriage and family life that is glorifying to God.

Today I will be praying for God to reveal to me how I can best help my husband and our new lifestyle as we each transition from the familiarity of the unemployment routine back into the roles we used to live every day during what seems like a lifetime ago.

Ahhh...sweet employment...we rejoice in the blessing you are!

Have you experienced this same transition?   What did you do to help things go smoothly?

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  1. Barbie

    I am so excited for your husband starting His new job tomorrow. I am sure it will take a little while for him to settle back into that routine. And, yes, there will be adjustments all around. But I thank Him for His faithfulness towards you! He is so good!

    • Rosann

      Thank you Barbie! God is good, indeed. :)

  2. Child of God

    Hello, I stopped by from Barbie's blog.
    Change can be soooo hard sometimes but it is good for us. If we stay in the same routine day in and day out our brain becomes soft. It is good to mix it up. I will pray that your week goes smoothly and the transition will be joyful.


    • Rosann

      Thank you, Child of God, for your prayers and for stopping by! :)

  3. Nikki

    Stopping by from Barbie's blog and am so glad I did so I know to pray for you tomorrow! What a blessing, this change for your family. Trusting the transition will go smoother since you've prepared your heart. Blessings!
    All for Him,

    • Rosann

      Nikki, thank you so much for your prayers! They are appreciated more than you know. :-) He left this morning all decked out in his suit and tie and seemed to be in a great mood.


  4. Suzanne Blair

    I read this and was wondering how it is going. I also wonder how you get your 3 year old to nap? I wish my 3 year old would, but she seems to be like the energizer bunny. LOL!

    Most of all I remember when Scott went back to work. It is scary after being home. It sounds silly, but to me it is almost like the first day of school. I too just got a part time job that I will be starting next week. I am nervous about learning new things etc... However, the thought of some extra cash, and paying off debt keeps me in check with my fear.

    I will be praying for your family, and would love to hear how you are doing this week.

    Take Care.
    Suzanne Blair

    • Rosann

      Thanks for asking Suzanne! Things are going surprisingly well. My husband's attitude is wonderful so far and he seems to be enjoying going to work each morning, although I can tell he's tired already. Funny how you get used to sleeping in and then when you can't anymore it's exhausting to adjust to. My three year old isn't napping regularly. She still desperately needs the nap, but makes a huge fuss about taking one, so I sort of trick her into it. She loves to be read to and snuggle with me in the rocking chair. So around nap time, we snuggle up in the chair for some reading time. After about three books, I tell her we have to have some quiet time snuggling with our eyes closed. If she's really tired, she's out like a light. If not, she chatters a lot and I'll usually let her watch a "boring" movie quietly on the couch for quiet time. More often than not, the boring movie makes her fall asleep. But if she's just not tired, she misses a nap and we pay for it with her crankiness later in the day. Good luck with your job! That's exciting! You'll do great and you'll love the extra money too.


  5. Mauntie

    Isn't life exciting? All change is a stress, but without it we can't grow. Looking back, I can see that the hardest times were the times I grew the most. It's just getting through them that's tricky! You are a good role model for your girls. Keep up the good work!

    Mauntie from VB

    • Rosann

      Mauntie, you are a wealth of wisdom. So true that our growth is in the journey. :)

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