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Once you've joined our affiliate program by clicking on the link above, you'll need to do the following:

1) Decide where on your website you'll be promoting UnEMPLOYED Faith.  Then choose an image below by right clicking on it, and "Save As" to your computer.

2) Go to Photobucket and upload the image.  {See step #3 below}


Book Images and Ad Banners

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lunapic 133366756794653 11 1 1 Become an Affiliate


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3) Once the image is uploaded, copy the HTML code for the image.  You should find this code right below or to the right hand side of the graphic. Click on the code and it should say "Copied" indicating you've just copied the code.

4)  Paste this code into your website where you want the image to appear.

5)  Next, set up an account with or login to E-junkie.

6)  Click on "Get Affiliate Code."

7)  Under "Select Merchant" click on Rosann @ Ultimate Info Marketing.

8)  Click "Get Affiliate Code."

9)  A box will appear with a code like this (only where the X's are it will be your code ID):

<a href="" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to view more details</a>

10)  With your mouse, copy the part of the code that is in between quotes (not the quotes themselves).  Go back to the spot you pasted your button code and replace the first section in quotes with the code you just copied.  To do this easily, highlight the text inside the quotes and click "Paste."  This should replace the code leaving the quotes where they were when you started.

11)  Click to save your widget or post and you're good to go!


*Please Note - Affiliate earnings will be paid out every 6 weeks (may take longer for your first payment depending on when you join)  through PayPal only, therefore please make sure you have an account with PayPal to receive your money.


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Oh, one more thing!

If you decide to write up a product review or other blog post related to UnEMPLOYED Faith, please email me {[email protected]} with the URL so I can share your awesomeness with my social media platform.  Who knows...more traffic sent your way could be a blessing for both of us!