Unemployment: His Point of View

Unemployment: His Point of View

I saw a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicating there are still more than 19 million Americans either unemployed or underemployed. That's a whole lot of financial hardship happening out there.

From a family perspective, when hubby or dad is out of work it can cause him to struggle through so many feelings and negative self-thoughts. Sometimes the best way to be supportive is to first think about and try to understand his point of view.

Unemployment: His Point of View 

  • He feels like a he's let down his wife and kids.
  • He feels like he somehow failed to remain valuable enough at work to prevent his job loss.
  • He feels like he's not being a good provider.
  • He feels like he's no longer deserving of respect, and when his wife confirms those feelings through her words and actions, he feels completely unloved.
  • He feels the weight of the world on his shoulders.
  • He feels helpless.
  • He feels alone and desperate.
  • He feels a cycle of anger and depression starting to consume him, especially when prospective ...
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Help Build Your Husband’s Confidence

Help Build Your Husband’s Confidence

"I personally feel that being the wife to an unemployed man means we need to do our part to show love in tangible ways, to be his best friend in the storm, to try lifting his spirits when we can, and to help boost his self esteem."                                               ~ Rosann Cunningham, UnEmployed Faith

Your husband lost his job.  He's having trouble finding another one.

A man's identity is wrapped up in what he does for a living and how well he provides for his family.

Right now, he's failing in both job and ability to provide.

Worse...nobody wants him.  He's not even getting phone calls for an interview.

So he escapes into his mental man-cave because it's the only way he can deal with the pressure and negative self-talk.

Consequently, you look at him and think he's not even trying to get a job. You see him playing video games or surfing the internet ...

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Do Not Grow Weary or Lose Heart

Do Not Grow Weary or Lose Heart


We all go through it at some time in our life.  For some of us, it happens more often than we'd prefer.

At a recent church event, I stood in front of a crowd of  women and shared my testimony.  My husband and I have been through an awful lot of trials over the past 13 or so years.  I knew it was a lot, but it wasn't until I stood there painting a picture of all of that emotion that it hit me just how much suffering we were, for whatever reason, chosen to endure.

In the midst of each trial, I know I struggled.  I know I spent a lot of time focusing on our problems and all of the what-ifs rushing through my fear-filled mind.

What I'm bothered by now as I'm looking back, is even though I knew in my heart God would protect us, provide for us, show us His miracles, and give us victory, I still spent far too much time meditating on my fears.

Instead, I should have been looking up at ...

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When Finding Inner Peace Seems Too Far Fetched

When was the last time you felt an unexplainable peace within?

It’s easy to become discouraged with life.

Everywhere we look, people are out of work, losing their homes, having financial difficulties, suffering depression, or are walking around with an endless grumpiness plastered across their face.  Maybe you're one of those people.

I struggle to watch the news anymore because the stories are so often horrifying.  Is this really what our world has become?

A world filled with judgement and hate?  Movie theater shootings?  Domestic violence?  Terrorist attacks?  Freedom of speech arguments over gay marriage?

How can anyone experience a sense of peace when our world is in such a state of dismay?

Friends, if you’re a believer, the Holy Spirit is inside of you and will grant you peace when you pray over it and spend time in the word of God.

When you ask in heartfelt prayer, the Holy Spirit will provide peace from a multitude of discouraging emotions and situations.

  • Peace from depression
  • Peace from fear
  • Peace from anxiety
  • Peace from resentment
  • Peace from doubt
  • Peace ...
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How NOT To Lose Sleep When You’re Stressed About Money

How NOT To Lose Sleep When You’re Stressed About Money

The light from the digits on your nightstand clock blare against your weary eyes.  Images of an eviction notice, piled-high envelopes stuffed with past due nasty grams, and thoughts of living in your car bounce chaotically through your mind.

You roll over to feel the warmth of your husband, but he's not there.  He can't sleep either.  Depression is taking hold of him.

Not helping matters is knowing you'll both enter the new day filled with anxiety, moodiness, headaches, reduced energy, and an inability to concentrate on any one thing for more than a few minutes.

If only the both of you could get a few restful nights of sleep.  Maybe…maybe then you'd be able to think clearly on how to approach the horror of unemployment.

Do You Suffer From Insomnia?

Studies show insomnia to be a common complaint among men and women, particularly those dealing with stress of unemployment or low income.  It's not healthy either.   If you don't resolve the problem soon, it can lead to serious health problems.

And let's face it, you have enough ...

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How To Fight Unemployment Related Depression

How To Fight Unemployment Related Depression

The news recently reported that 23 million Americans are currently unemployed or underemployed.  23 million people!!  Think about that number for a moment.  What's the population of the state you reside in?

Let me give you a quick population picture from the US Census Bureau (as of 2011), for you to compare that number to:

  • Pennsylvania - 12.7 million
  • Oregon - 3.8 million
  • Oklahoma - 3.7 million
  • Illinois - 12.8 million
  • Texas - 25.6 million
  • California - 37.6 million
  • New York - 19.4 million
  • Colorado - 5.1 million
  • Nevada - 2.7 million
  • Florida - 19 million

Are you in shock?  I am!  How many states listed above could add up to 23 million people out of work?  Look at the big states.  Nearly the entire state of Texas could fit the bill of 23 million unemployed.  Scary stuff!

If you or your spouse happen to be one of those 23 million Americans, please know my heart goes out to you, I'm praying for you, and I do understand what you're going through.


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