Hard Times During Unemployment

Spanish4Kiddos Author Interview and Giveaway

Published on January 31, 2012 by Rosann

Millions of families across the nation are dealing with the difficulty of unemployment.  And sadly, the spouse of the unemployed family member carries their own set of emotional burdens.

It's a very lonely place to be and the overwhelming emotions can often become destructive to the marriage.  There are ways to cope through this storm and deal with those feelings in healthy, fruitful, and productive ways.  Trust me, I know because I've lived it.  For three very long years.

That's why I wrote the book UnEMPLOYED Faith.

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Today, I'm honored to be featured as a guest over at Spanish4Kiddos where Barbara has read my book, interviewed me on her website, and is offering a giveaway of the book too!

She asked me some really great questions about my journey and how others can find the support they need.   So please join me over there, will you?  And don't forget to enter her giveaway to WIN your copy of UnEMPLOYED Faith!

Book Tour: Hard Times during UnEmployment

Go on...go check it out!

Oh, and if you win, please be sure to come back here and tell me what you thought of the book. I pray you'll be encouraged by it.

Blessings to you, friends!

Rosannsig Hard Times During Unemployment


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  1. Joy

    I can only imagine the hardships that go with unemployment and I have to admit that this is a fear that looms over me every single day given the world economic crisis. You are correct in saying though that prayers and support help a lot. I suppose in any trying times, a firm sense of gratitude goes a long way. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  2. mamawolfe

    Congratulations, Rosann. I think it's a wonderful concept!

  3. Becky Jane

    You know you're one of my favorites! HUGS for you on this wonderful Wednesday!

  4. Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club

    Off to read!

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