Help Promote UnEMPLOYED Faith and Earn 50% Commission!!

Help Promote UnEMPLOYED Faith and Earn 50% Commission!!

Hi friends,

I've just launched an affiliate program for my eBook and I'd love your help in getting the word out.  If you have a blog or website, you can help promote the book and earn a 50% commission on any sales that come from your efforts.


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Please note, this a Christian faith based eBook offering encouragement to the wife of the unemployed man.

In today's dark recession, countless families are enduring lengthy seasons of unemployment.  Since a man's entire identity tends to be wrapped up in what he does for a living, many are struggling emotionally with this downturn.

Being the wife to a man swallowed up by depression and stress can be a lonely role and one that requires a lot of patience, endurance, and loving support.  But who is offering her the emotional support she needs?

That's where UnEMPLOYED Faith becomes a wonderful resource.  Not only does the eBook offer 10 different healthy and ...

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