Loving Your Family

3 Reasons Not To Give Up

You're out of work.


Laid off.


This is one of those days when you feel defeated, backed into a corner, and too weak to fight back.   The embarrassment of being without a job is more than you can deal with anymore.  You feel like you've let down your wife and your children.   And you feel like society looks down on you for not being a better provider.

The words "I give up" burn through your heart and sting your brain.

Don't give up! 

God Commands You To Be The Leader Of Your Home

In the book of Ephesians, Paul teaches about submission.  In a marriage, both husband and wife are called to submit to the other.  For the wife, this means willingly following her husband's leadership over the family.  For the husband, this means putting aside his own interests (and in this case, feelings) to care for the needs of his wife and his children.

You see, your wife is looking to you to lead the family.  The fact that our economy is in shambles ...

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Don’t Let Money Worries Keep You From Being The Best Mom Possible

Don’t Let Money Worries Keep You From Being The Best Mom Possible

My daughter has just placed "a magic crown" on my head that she says will turn me into a princess.  Yes, as I type this note of encouragement to you, I'm wearing Cinderella's crown…and exercise clothes.  It's precious moments like these that remind me of the blessing of being a mom.

Even while my husband was jobless, I was blessed to be a stay at home mom, a role I have always taken very seriously.

Sadly, the stress of not having a lot of money to come and go on, trying to keep my husband from falling into a deeper depression, and worrying about whether or not he would ever work again, consumed my mind and led to some not so proud parenting moments.

I lacked patience and would easily snap at the girls or break into a ball of tears which was something my then 2 year old and 5 year old didn't need to be confused by.  I struggled to smile or laugh with my daughters, too.  Most days, I simply went through the motions ...

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Being My Husband’s Help Meet

Being My Husband’s Help Meet

The Lord said, "It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him."

~Genesis 2:18

My husband starts his new job tomorrow.  Excitement and nervousness all mixed up into one giant mug of emotion brews quietly within him.  We are thrilled about this blessing from God.   It's a long awaited answer to prayer.

However, with it comes change.   And change can sometimes be uncomfortable to maneuver through.

What Does This Change Mean For My Husband?

For my husband, this change means he will be forced back into a normal sleep/wake schedule.  No more staying up all night worrying or dozing in front of the TV.  He's actually going to have to go to bed at night and get up early each morning.

He's also going to have the adjustment of getting his mind back into work mode, as well as being out among other adults all day, every day.   You'd think this would be easy to adjust to, but he's stared at my face ...

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Facing Our Relatives During Unemployment

Facing Our Relatives During Unemployment

When my husband and I were going through our long journey of unemployment, one of the most difficult things we had to deal with was facing our relatives.

His parents boldly spoke their mind about the situation, often without thinking of how painful their words touched our already bruised egos.

My parents chose silence on the issue, which was equally painful in a passive aggressive sort of nature.   It was the "let's not talk about the giant elephant in the room because we strongly oppose the decisions you've made to deal with it," silence.

Honestly though, I don't know what we would have done without the support we were blessed with (both emotionally and financially) from our family.  Even though many days I wanted to avoid them at all costs, God continued to push me into their presence either in person or by phone.  Despite our personal embarrassment, they did comfort us.  Even though we felt like they were judging us, they did still care for us.

Can You Relate?

When we're facing a difficult circumstance in our life, God ...

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